Cleaner Chemicals

MIC 750
LIQUID SCALE REMOVER (Ready to Use Solution)

For use in descaling condensers, heat exchangers, boilers, steam generators, and entire cooling tower systems.


Blended Formulation:

MIC 750 contains a blend of ingredients which provide maximum protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The acid package is built with a blend of organic inhibitors which inhibit acid attack on iron, steel, copper, bronze, and brass. MIC 750 typically removes deposits such as ferric oxide, mill scale, ferric phosphate, calcium carbonate, boiler sludge (hydroxyapetite), magnesium phosphate and it disintegrates algae and slime found in some heat exchange equipment. It does not contain arsenic, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or lead compounds. MIC 750 is not recommended for use on aluminum.

Penetration of Deposits:

An excellent wetting action results in thorough penetration of deposits, even when oil is present.

Materials Removed:

Dissolves rust along with mineral scales.

Easy to Use:

Liquid product that requires no pre-mixing.


  1. If necessary, cool equipment to be cleaned. Drain and thoroughly wash in order to remove loose scale or sludge from the system.
  2. Determine the water capacity of the system or the amount of MIC 750 that will be needed to fill the internal heat exchange surfaces.
  3. MIC 750 is a “ready to use” solution that is added directly to the boiler or heat exchange equipment. It is not necessary to dilute unless this is desired. Use caution in transferring acid solution from container to vessel to be cleaned. A transfer pump may be desirable since this eliminates personally handling acid solution. Secure discharge hose to prevent it from coming out of vessel being filled.
  4. It is not necessary to circulate this solution through vessel. Sometimes this is desired to accelerate the cleaning process. We do not recommend heating the cleaning solution due to the dangers associated with heat, open flames, etc. In cleaning large volume units, thermal circulation can be used. This is accomplished by heating the solution to 140-160°F. Also, circulation can be accomplished by the use of pumping equipment where the solution is pumped through the unit to be cleaned and back to a container where the pump suction is located. Circulation can also be provided by means of an air or steam jet. If a steam jet is used, precautions should be taken to prevent heating to temperatures over 160°F.
  5. Drain and flush with water. Repeat procedure with a new solution of MIC 750 if any deposit remains. Neutralize any remaining acid with a 1 or 2% solution of soda ash or caustic soda for an hour or two or use Mid South Alkaline Flush Treatment to thoroughly neutralize any acid remaining in the boiler. CLEAR WATER should be used as a final rinse to remove all excess chemical. When cleaning is complete, fill with water and add normal chemical treatment to protect internal surfaces.

Physical Properties:

Appearance Brown Liquid
Weight 8.42 lbs./gallon
Freezing Point 20°F
pH 1.0

Acid Concentration

Acid concentration in the solution should be noted from time to time, to determine when the deposit has been removed or the acid exhausted. If the pH of the cleaning solution rises above 2.0 add more MIC 750. Maintain the acid strength and continue to circulate until the acid concentration remains unchanged for at least 30 minutes.


MIC 750 should be handled with caution in the same manner as any chemical solution, taking care to avoid contact with skin and/or clothing. Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment during cleaning and handling process. During the cleaning operation, considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and some hydrogen may be released. For this reason, the equipment being cleaned should be vented during the entire operation. Keep open flames away!


Keep out of reach of children. For industrial use only.

First Aid:

In case of contact with skin, immediately flush off with water. If eyes are affected, flood with water for 15 minutes, get medical attention. If taken internally, give copious amounts of lime water or milk of magnesia if patient is conscious. Do not use sodium bicarbonate. Do not induce vomiting. Summon a physician at once.


Dispose of in accordance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.


5 gallon pail 42 lbs.
15 gallon drum 126 lbs.
30 gallon drum 253 lbs.
55 gallon drum 463 lbs.

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.