Cleaner Chemicals

MIC 751


MIC 751 is a proprietary blend of special organic chelants designed to remove metal oxides from surfaces of boilers, heat exchangers and other industrial system components. Both open and closed boiler and cooling water systems corrode through improper chemical and mechanical operations. Once iron oxide deposits have developed within the water distribution system, the corrosive process accelerates through underdeposit and MIC (microbially induced corrosion). The oxides formed migrate and deposit on heat exchange surfaces where they reduce flow and heat exchange capacity. Newly constructed systems have mill scale, rust and other deposits that must be removed prior to placing the system in operation in order to properly passivate metal surfaces and protect the system from future corrosion.


MIC 751 provides highly effective removal of metal oxides while maintaining low corrosion rates for increased equipment life. It produces minimal corrosive or harmful vapors.

Product Data:

pH 2.0-2.2
Specific Gravity 1.258
Odor slight
Appearance Colorless liquid


Prior to cleaning, flush the system to remove accumulations of sludge, microbiological growth, loose rust and mineral scale. If the system is in operation this can be accomplished by using the appropriate Mid South “on line” cleaner and dispersant according to directions. Drain and refill with fresh water and MIC 751, then heat the system to 1800F. (Systems may be cleaned down to 450°F, provide that sufficient contact time and concentration is provided.) Add MIC 751 at a rate or 3 to 10% of system water volume based upon the amount of metal oxides to be removed. Use MCT 526 at the recommended rate to suspend removed metal oxides and prevent redeposition. Systems may be cleaned in as little as 8 hours if the chemical concentration and the solution temperature is adequate. MIC 751 forms a color complex with iron oxides.

The solution will be colorless at the start of the cleaning operation, then turn a pale yellow/green and finally a drab olive green when the reaction is complete. The solution pH will be 6.0 to 7.0 at this point, confirming that the solution is spent and that no more metal oxides will be removed. The system should be drained and flushed with fresh water until clear. Repeat the cleaning procedure if the equipment surfaces are not completely clean upon inspection. Sufficient cleaner must be applied to react with the mass of metal oxides present. If the cleaning procedures were done “on line” with the system in operation, open blowdown and purge the system until blowdown TDS matches makeup water TDS. When the system has been completely flushed, immediately refill with fresh water and charge with the proper corrosion inhibition chemicals prior to returning system to service.

Limitations and Handling

Harmful if swallowed. If this occurs, seek medical attention immediately. Do not use in potable water systems. Keep container closed when not in use. Keep this and all other chemical out of reach of children.

Available Packaging:

5 gallon pail 52 lbs.
15 gallon drum 157 lbs.
30 gallon drum 315 lbs.
55 gallon drum 577 lbs.

HMIS Rating

Health 2
Flammability 0
Reactivity 0
Personal Protection C

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.