Closed LargeMCT 500 Series – Closed HVAC Chilled Treatment

Chilled Water, Engine Jackets, Hot Water Loops and HVAC Systems

Closed water systems are designed to distribute heated or chilled water throughout a designated area. These systems are susceptible to corrosion and scale if not properly treated. The rate of attack depends upon many factors including velocity, temperature, pH, dissolved gasses, dissolved solids, suspended solids and microbial activity. Mid South Chemical formulates products to address these issues and to provide complete system protection.

Closed System

MCT 510 Corrosion Inhibitor w/o sodium molybdate

MCT 514 Corrosion Inhibitor with sodium molybdate

MCT 510 and MCT 514 both provide superior corrosion inhibition to multi-metal systems operating at high or low temperatures. These formulas are recommended for diesel and other internal combustion engines, hot water heating systems, closed chilled water circuits and HVAC systems containing ferrous and nonferrous metals.  Application of MCT 510 and MCT 514 in engine jacket cooling water precludes the necessity for pre-softening or de-mineralizing these waters and prevents deposits, scale, sludge and resultant losses in heat transfer or mechanical efficiency caused by high mineral waters.

Closed SmallAdvantages of MCT 510 and MCT 514

  • multi-metal corrosion inhibitor
  • prevents scale and sludge
  • compatible with antifreeze solutions
  • use in both hot and cold water systems
  • does not effect non metal components or seals

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