Closed Loop System Treatment

MCT 510

Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Recirculating Systems Application

Mid South MCT 510 Cooling Water Treatment provides superior corrosion inhibition to multi-metal systems operating at high or low temperatures. Recommended for diesel and other internal combustion engines, hot water heating systems, chilled water circuits and other closed systems containing ferrous and nonferrous metals. Application of MCT 510 in engine jacket cooling water precludes the necessity for pre-softening or de-mineralizing these waters. Prevents deposits, scale, sludge and resultant losses in heat transfer or mechanical efficiency caused by high mineral waters.


Prevents scale and sludge


Compatible with anti-freeze solutions

Inhibits multi-metal systems


Internal Combustion Engines — premixed solutions of MCT 510 and makeup water are desirable to assure adequate treatment level in the jacket water. MCT 510 may be added directly, as received, to the engine cooling system. Generally, add one gallon of MCT 510 for each 100 gallons of water in the system to be treated. Test system after chemical addition to maintain 1000–1500 ppm Sodium Nitrite by Nitrite test procedure. Chilled and Hot Water Systems — MCT 510 may be added directly to closed re-circulating water by pumping directly from the drum, with a by-pass feeder, or any convenient means..


Use Nitrite drop test kit, code MCI 437, 1/100 for testing.

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