Corrosion Inhibitors

Pipe 2Closed Loop Chilled, Hot Water, HVAC  Systems

MCT 514 provides superior corrosion inhibition to multi-metal systems operating at high or low temperatures. Recommended for diesel and other internal combustion engines, hot water heating systems, chilled water circuits and other closed systems containing ferrous and nonferrous metals.


* Multi-metal Corrosion Inhibitor
* Built-in Color Indicator
* Prevents Scale and Sludge
* Compatible with Antifreeze Solutions
* Chromate-fee: Low Toxicity
* Use in Both Hot and Cold Water Systems

Open Recirculating Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Selection Guide

CorrBlend 6 is “highlighted” as an outstanding product for general applications when a corrosion inhibitor is needed for open cooling systems.


* Biodegradable — Good Environmental Profile         * Excellent Corrosion Performance in High Chloride and Sulphate Waters

* Excellent Performance in Aggressive Water with High Total Dissolved Solids         * Excellent Corrosion Control in Calcium Chloride Brines

CorrBlend is the name brand for a group of corrosion inhibitor products manufactured by Mid South Chemical. These products are unique, high performance inhibitors that prevent corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in water solutions. CorrBlend is a cationic inhibitor that combines with calcium ions to form a tenacious film on the metal surface. Where calcium is low, it adsorbs onto the metal surface to promote surface protection. This chemical activity produces a microscopic barrier to protect metal surfaces from system deterioration.

CorrBlend also contains a threshold inhibitor that is incorporated to maintain good system stabilization and to disperse suspended particles. These formulations are stabilized for use with halogenated biocides and maintain good integrity when these products are used.



Additional CorrBlend Inhibitors Products Available:



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