ACUMER™ 1000

Acumer™ 1000 is manufactured by DOW Chemical  (Mid South Chemical is a “certified” repackager of Acumer™ products)


General purpose acrylic acid homopolymer scale inhibitor


Use ACUMER™ 1000 general-purpose water treatment scale inhibitor to effectively inhibit precipitation of calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and other low solubility salts.

Used in:

  • Water Treatment
  • Cooling waters
  • Boiler
  • Oilfield formation and production


  • Prevents the formation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces.
  • Prevents inorganic and sedimentation fouling.
  • Very effective calcium salt scale inhibition including carbonate, oxylate, and sulfate.

Typical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Appearance Clear to slightly hazy
Chemical Nature Acrylic homopolymer
Grade Partial Na salt (20% neutralized)
Average Molecular Weight 2000 (Mw)
Total Solids (%) 48
pH as is (at 25°C) 3.6
Bulk density (at 25°C) 1.25
Viscosity Brookfield (mPa.s/cps at 25°C) 200
Chemistry and Mode of Action

ACUMER 1000 is a low molecular weight polyacrylate with a selected molecular weight around 2000 to optimize the anti-scale performance through at least three mechanisms:

  • Solubility enhancement by threshold effect, which reduces precipitation of low solubility inorganic salts (calcium carbonate in particular).
  • Crystal modification, which deforms the growing inorganic salt crystal to give small, irregular, readily fractured crystals that do not adhere well to surfaces and can be easily removed during cleaning operations.
  • Dispersing activity, which prevents precipitated crystals or other inorganic particles from agglomerating and depositing on surfaces.

Anti-Precipitation Performance

ACUMER 1000 polymer is a general purpose scale inhibitor as it is effective to inhibit precipitation of calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, and other low solubility salts.



Industrial Water Treatment

Scale inhibition in open recirculating cooling circuits (CaCO3 scale in particular).

Dispersant for boiler sludge control.

Oil field water treatment for preventing scale in both formation and production equipment.


Benefits of ACUMER 1000

Contain no phosphorus, making its use acceptable where legislation requires that discharge waters contain low or no phosphorus.

Exhibit exceptional stability in the presence of hypochlorite.

Show good anti-scaling efficiency at low dosage over a wide range of pH, water hardness and temperature conditions.

Show a higher degree of solubility in presence of Ca2+ than other higher molecular weight homopolymers.

Offer a strong dispersant activity contrarily to phosphonates.


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