Fireside Treatment / Fuel Oil Additives

Need a cleaner, more efficient burn? Resolve the various fireside issues plaguing your boiler operation with Fireside Treatments from Mid South Chemical. From recovery and hog fuel slagging and corrosion, to stack opacity and fuel system problems, Mid South can assure you of optimum fuel performance.

Mid South’s synergistic fuel treatments:

  • Control fireside deposits and corrosion
  • Increase boiler efficiency and reliability
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve operation and lower costs
  • Improve fuel quality and combustion
  • Reduce acid based emissions
  • Decrease the size of abrasive particles in the fuel, to reduce burner tip erosion while enhancing fuel atomization

Fireside TreatmentFOT 701 is a versatile multi-purpose fuel oil additive.  FOT 701 combines a highly effective combustion catalyst, water emulsifier, sludge dispersant, sludge solvent and a slag conditioning agent.  FOT 701 assures that a uniform supply of fuel is delivered to the burner, thus optimum combustion efficiency is achieved.  Moderate combustion slag formation due to sulfur, sodium and vanadium impurities in the oil are controlled or eliminated completely.  The lower excess air requirements with FOT 701 allows higher overall thermal efficiency.

FOT 706 is a magnesium oxide-alumina based additive for use in coal and wood fired boilers to minimize slag and creosote build-up, improve combustion, and reduce stack emissions.  FOT 706 is a multi component deposit control composition which provides the best possible control of these troublesome deposits.  A porous non-adhering type of deposit is promoted which is friable and easily removed.


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