Boiler Treatment

Boiler Alkalinity Builder Products

Alkatrol 27L             25% active                                                                                 NSF NONFOOD


Low Pressure Hot Water Boiler (15 psig or lower)

MBT 510                   borate, nitrite, yellow metal, etc

MBT 514                   corrosion inhibitor – molybdate, nitrite, yellow metal

MBT 5161                 oxygen scavenger, caustic, molybdate


Small high Pressure Boilers, Multi Purpose Treatment (50 horsepower or less)

MBT 102                   multipurpose carbonate cycle w/o alkalinity booster, plus steamline

MBT 1021                 multipurpose carbonate cycle with alkalinity booster, plus steamline


Small High Pressure Boilers, Multi Purpose Treatment (100 horsepower or less)

MBT 138                  phosphonate, alkalinity, sulfite, sludge – w/o steamline       NSF NONFOOD

MBT 138R                phosphonate, alkalinity, sulfite, sludge, steamline                NSF NONFOOD

MBT 1381R              phosphate, sulfite, sludge, steamline – no alkalinity

MBT 1382R              phosphonate, alkalinity, sludge, steamline – no sulfite


Boiler & Feedwater Oxygen Scavener

MOS 144                  catalyzed powder (100% active)                                               NSF NONFOOD

MOS 145                  catalyzed liquid sulfite (40% active)

MOS 146                  organic oxygen scavenger, DEHA, catalyzed

MOS 1451                sulfite de-characterized                                                           NSF NONFOOD

MOS 1455                alkaline catalyzed liquid (12.5% active)                                 NSF NONFOOD


Boiler Multifunctional Blends  

MBT 251                   suspended solids dispersion / 120-300 ppm product in boiler water

MBT 253                   suspended solids dispersion / 150 – 300 ppm product in boiler water – contains MO for testing

MBT 2516                 ready-to-use formula                                                               NSF NONFOOD

MBT 254A                 scale stabilization                                                                    NSF NONFOOD


Boiler Chelants & Blends

MBT 254HC              31.5 ppm product/ppm calcium hardness in feedwater – polymer, dispersant

MBT 2581                 19.1 ppm product/ppm calcium hardness in feedwater – orthophosphate, polymer


Boiler Precipitating Agents & Blends

MBT 1254                 liquid phosphate feedwater conditioner with silica control polymer – for boilers operating up to 600 psig

MBT 1271                 liquid phosphate water conditioner, dispersant, polymeric sludge conditioner

MBT 1272                 liquid phosphate water conditioner plus polymeric sludge conditioner


Boiler Sequestering Agents (<400F)

MBT 1276                 phosphonate, polymer, alkalinity                                             NSF NONFOOD

MBT 1279S               heavy duty treatment – phosphonate, alkalinity, sulfite, sludge, steamline (for larger boiler <100hp)


Steamline Products

Neutralizing Amine Products

Steamtect                1.5 : 1 ratio neutralizing amine                                                NSF NONFOOD

Steamtreat 2001     1 : 1 : 1 ratio neutralizing amine

Filming Amine Products

Steamfilm                1 : 1 : 1 ratio filming/neutralizing amine


Resin Cleaner

RC 402                     resin maintenance, scale control

RC 4021                   resin maintenance, iron/metallic fouling

Cooling Water Treatment

Closed Loop Treatment (Chilled HVAC, Hot Water Systems)

MCT 512                 corrosion inhibitor, borate, nitrite, yellow metal

MCT 514                 corrosion inhibitor, molybdate, nitrite, yellow metal

MCT 517                 all organic corrosion protection for multi metal systems (small system volume)

MCT 519                 aluminum protection

MCT 5171               organic corrosion protection for multi metal systems


Cooling Tower Corrosion Inhibitor

CorrBlend              organic inhibitor package – complete program – green product – concentrate

CorrBlend 2           all organic inhibitor – dispersant, yellow metal, stabilizer for oxidizer use

CorrBlend 6           organic inhibitor – molybdate, sequestrant for scale and system stabilization, yellow metal

CorrBlend Plus      all organic – sequestrant and polymer for system stabilization, yellow metal


Cooling Tower Scale Inhibitor

MCT 5508                small system application – polymer, phosphonate, yellow metal

ScaleGuard             medium system application – polymer, phosphonate, yellow metal

SuperQuest 2         large system application – all organic – concentrate – polymer, phosphonate, yellow metal

SuperQuest 9         large system application – polymer, phosphonate, dispersant, yellow metal


Cooling Tower Multi Purpose Products

MCT 5610G               green product – corrosion, scale

MCT 5611HM           complete treatment package with molybdate (MO)



Biosperse 975           penetrant and dispersant for organic deposits, alga and biofilm formation

Specialty Products

Mid South TT50S           yellow metal protection

Super Blue Deicer         deicing/anti-icing fluid

Inhibited Glycols           concentrated inhibited ethylene and inhibited propylene glycols

Propylene Glycol 30%   inhibited ready-to-use formula                                 NSF NONFOOD


Aqucar GA15                 15% gluteraldehyde

Aqucar GA50                 50% gluteraldehyde

Kathon  WT 1.5              1.5% isothiazoline

Bromax 7.1%                 bromine chloride

K-BROM T                       BCDMH

Aqucar DB20                  DBNPA liquid

Aqucar Sump Buddy     DBNPA tablet

Tolcide PS50A                 THPS


MIC 8351       alkaline surfactant, phosphate, chelant, silicates – new system start-up, line flushing

MIC 8352       heavy duty alkaline surfactant, dispersant – new system start-up, line flushing

MIC 751         inhibited acid – iron deposits, mill scale – boilers, cooling towers, new system start-up

MIC 754         inhibited acid – metal oxides, scale, system deposits – boilers, heat exchangers

NPRR              neutral pH rust remover

NSF/ANSI 60 Certified Drinking Water Treatment


MCT 4106         lead, copper control



MCT 506          red water, manganese, scale

MCT 4120        high hardness, system stabilization, some iron

MCT 4120HS    high hardness, system stabilization, some iron (small system volume)


Ortho Polyphosphate

MCT 501          1 : 1 ratio – corrosion, high hardness, scale

MCT 501C        1 : 1 ratio – corrosion, red water, iron

MCT 5015        1 : 2.4 ratio – corrosion, high hardness, scale


Zinc Orthophosphate

MCT 5071        3 : 1 ratio – red water, copper, lead

MCT 5075        5 : 1 ratio – red water, copper, lead

MCT 509          1 : 1 ratio – red water, copper, lead

MCT 5097        5 : 1 ratio – red water, copper, lead

MCT 5098        10: 1 ratio – red water, copper, lead


Chloramine Production

MCT 4119       chloramines produced so potential to form disinfection by-product is reduced


RO Membrane

RO 1300          scale, iron, anti-fouling

RO 1302          heavy duty application – scale, iron, anti-fouling



Maxiquest 9100        2-phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid (PBTC)

Maxiquest 9300        1-hydroxyethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid (HEDP)


DOW Acumer™ Polymers

Acumer 1000             polyacrylic acid – cooling towers, boilers, pulp and paper

Acumer 1100             acrylic homopolymer – boilers, oilfield, pulp and paper

Acumer 2000             carboxylic sulfonated copolymer – cooling towers, boilers, scale, iron

Acumer 2100             carboxylic sulfonated copolymer – boilers pulp and paper

Acumer 3100             carboxylic sulfonated non-ionic terpolymer – cooling towers, boilers

Acumer 4161             phosphino polycarboxylic acid – cooling towers, boilers, dispersant, scale

Acumer 4300             maleic multipolymer – cooling towers, stress scale

Acumer 5000             silica control polymer – cooling towers, boilers



Cyclohexylamine        boiler steamline protection

Morpholine                 boiler steamline protection

DEAE                            boiler steamline protection