Mid South Neutral pH Rust Remover

Mid South NPRR

Description: Mid South NPRR is a liquid formulation designed to effectively dissolve and remove rust deposits from metal surfaces while passivating and protecting the base metal from corrosion. It is particularly valuable for removal of iron oxides and rust deposits in closed systems such as process boilers, heat exchangers, holding tanks and pipelines. Also rusted components can be descaled by immersion in an aqueous solution of Mid South NPRR. In many instances, it eliminates the need to use harsh acids or alkalies to remove these deposits and is a much safer alternative. NPRR Before and After Benefits:

  • Non Hazardous
  • Minimally corrosive Safe on steel, copper, brass, aluminum, cast iron, plastics
  • Usage Temperature is 34º-180º F
  • Passivates metal surface
  • Neutral pH functionality

 Super Blue Deicer

Liquid Deicer

Description: Super Blue Deicer is a ready-to-use liquid that can be easily applied using various spray applicators for large and small jobs.  It is a water clear/blue product that melts the frozen precipitation and works by diffusing down through the snow and ice to break the bond between frozen precipitation and the surface.  The amount of Super Blue Deicer required depends on the outside temperature and the thickness of the ice and snow.

Recommended for most surfaces including concrete, metal, wood, roadways, lawns, vegetation, bridges, etc.

Advantages: Super Blue Liquid Deicer is an economical and environmentally friendly liquid deicer, does not contain urea or phosphates, has a lower Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and is non-toxic/non-hazardous to plant and animal life.

 Mid South TT50S

Copper, Brass and Multi-metal Protection

Application: Mid South TT50S is designed for use in open cooling tower and closed recirculating systems to inhibit corrosion on copper, copper alloys, and other metals. Mid South TT50S functions by reacting with copper oxide on the surface of copper or copper alloys forming a strong, insoluble polymeric complex. This complex formation results in a protective layer or film on the copper surface, a few molecules thick, that provides both a mechanical and electrochemical barrier against corrosive attack. Also Mid South TT50S is chemically stable when introduced into highly alkaline or acidic systems and varying temperature conditions. Advantages: * Copper and Yellow Metal Protection       * Compatible With Other Chemicals       * Convenient Liquid Formulation       * Highly Effective at Low Dosages                                  * Not Temperature Sensitive       * Works in Acid and Alkaline Environments   Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.