NSF Certified Nonfood Compounds

photo_nsflogoALKATROL 27L


Mid South ALKATROL 27L boiler water treatment is a liquid formulation used for the adjustment of boiler water alkalinity. When used as recommended with conventional phosphate treatment, a more desirable precipitate of calcium and magnesium is formed. ALKATROL 27L is used to prevent adherent silica deposits by increasing the solubility of silica in the boiler. ALKATROL 27L is a low freeze point Alkalinity product. It is especially applicable where chemical temperature will drop below 50°F (10°C).


  • Low Freeze Point Caustic
  • Aids proper sludge formation
  • Compatible with other chemicals
  • Alkalinity pH control

Directions for Use

ALKATROL 27L may be fed separately or mixed with other boiler water chemicals. This product can be used in systems designed with standard materials of construction. For alkalinity adjustment, feed 3.2 ppm ALKATROL 27L per ppm alkalinity increase needed. Smaller steam boilers, up to 150 psig, typically maintain 250-400 ppm “OH” alkalinity in the boiler water. Larger boilers will have different requirements. Refer to the boiler manufacturers guidelines and/or the chemical supplier to establish these guidelines.

Product Data:

Color Colorless/Odorless
Specific Gravity 1.26 (+/-.05)
pH >13.5
Freeze Point 10°F


Strongly alkaline. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. In case of contact, immediately flush with water and wash with vinegar. For eyes, flush with water and get medical attention. Keep container tightly closed to eliminate moisture.


5 gallons 53 lbs.
15 gallons 158 lbs.
30 gallons 315 lbs.
55 gallons 578 lbs.

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.