NSF Certified Nonfood Compounds

photo_nsflogoMOS 144

Mid South MOS 144 boiler additive is a sulfite-containing formulation which effectively removes residual oxygen from boiler feed water. MOS 144 meets the requirements of 21 CFR 173.310.


  • Prevents oxygen pitting
  • Lengthens equipment life
  • Reduces downtime


Mid South MOS 144 boiler additive should be prepared as a 5% solution and fed continuously by pumping into the water in the storage section of the deaerating heater. It may also be fed through a bypass feeder mounted on the discharge side of the feedwater pump or mixed with other water treating chemical and fed directly to the boiler. Control should be maintained by in-plant testing or other test equipment recommended by your Mid South Representative. Mid South MOS 144 works effectively to scavenge residual oxygen in the feedwater of low and high pressure boilers up to 850 pounds.


Actual feed rate is dependent on conditions in the feedwater system (temperature and mechanical deaeration). In most applications, approximately eight parts of Mid South MOS 144 boiler additive per part of residual oxygen in boiler feedwater is recommended. However, if the temperature of the feedwater is unknown, add 0.75 lbs. of MOS 144 per 1000 gallons of blowdown from the boiler. Then adjust dosage by using sulfite test procedure to maintain 30-50 ppm sulfite in the boiler water.

Product Data:

Appearance Tan Powder
Solubility In water 10%
pH of 5% solution 9.9
Chemical Reactivity Forms sulfer dioxide on contact with acid


Mid South MOS 144 boiler additive should be handled as a mildly alkaline product. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Flush with water if accidentally spilled. Do not take internally. Avoid dust inhalation. Store in a dry area away from contact with acid. Keep drum closed when not in use.

Available Packaging

  • 100 lb. container
  • 300 lb. container


Use Sulfite Drop Test Code K-1529.

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.