MCT 4119 Chloramine Production / Manganese Stabilization

MCT 4119 potable water treatment is a specially engineered polyphosphate/ammonia blend that is used for water system stabilization. MCT 4119 is designed to produce chloramines in the system which work in combination with polyphosphates to stabilize manganese and iron and reduce trihalomethane (THM) production.

MCT 4119 is composed of ingredients which meet requirements for NSF product certification. MCT 4119 is approved to 61 ppm in the system.

Directions for Use:

MCT 4119 is a liquid product and should be fed proportional to water flow. Due to the unique character of this product, feed based on the ratio of ammonia to chlorine in the system. Feed at a point before chlorine injection. Consult your technical representative for additional information.

Product Data:

Form Liquid
Product pH 5.1-5.9
Specific Gravity 1.22
Pounds / Gallon 10.22


  • Reduces Chlorine Smell
  • Eliminates colored water
  • Manganese stabilization
  • Helps stabilize chlorine
  • Will not oxidize manganese or iron
  • Reduces Hydrogen sulfide problems


Respiratory protection approved by NIOSH/MSHA for ammonia must be used when exposure limits are exceeded. In case of skin contact, wash with plenty of soap and water. If eyes are affected flush thoroughly with water lifting upper and lower lids to assure full irrigation of eye area. Get medical attention.

Available Packaging:

5 gallon pail 51 lbs.
15 gallon drum 153 lbs.
30 gallon drum 307 lbs.
55 gallon drum 562 lbs.
Test kit 3114-01 recommended

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.