Ortho-Polyphosphate Blends

Ortho-polyphosphates are used as corrosion and scale inhibitors in potable water systems. Similar to zinc-orthophosphate, this product formulation combines and anodic and cathodic inhibition package for multipurpose protection in the system. Ortho-polyphosphates are typically used in moderate to hard waters for sequestration of calcium carbonate, iron, and manganese. This treatment mechanism can provide corrosion protection to the system as well. Mid South’s ortho-polyphosphate blends remove colored water and prevent the formation of deposits where tuberculation and deposits already exist. Feeding ortho-polyphosphates will slowly remove these deposits while improving system flow and reducing energy cost.


  MCT 4115 MCT 501 MCT 501C MCT 5015 MCT 504
Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Ortho/poly ratio 50/50 50/50 50/50 30/70 30/70
Specific gravity 1.31 1.35 1.45 1.362 1.40
pH (neat) >3.0 >4.0 >6.4 >4.5 >5.0
Freeze point <20°F <22°F <24°F <20°F <23°F
BulkDensity(lbs./gal.) 10.92 11.3 12.1 11.4 11.8
Solubility complete complete complete complete complete
NSF max. feed rate 34mg/L 24mg/L 27mg/L 23mg/L 28mg/L

Note: All Mid South Chemical ortho-polyphosphate blends are
certified to ANSI/NSF standard 60


Ortho Poly 2

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