MCT 501 Potable and Process Water Treatment

MCT 501 potable and process water treatment is a specially engineered phosphate blend used for water system stabilization. This product is composed of a linear chain poly phosphate that minimizes or controls metal corrosion and scale formation in potable water systems. MCT 501 sequesters soluble iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium and eliminates the red water problems associated with system corrosion and raw water iron. Lead and copper residuals from system leaching is also minimized.

MCT 501 is composed of ingredients certified by NSF for potable water treatment applications. MCT 501 is approved to 24 mg/L in the system.

Directions for Use:

MCT 501 should be fed to the system at point where good mixing and distribution will occur. A chemical metering pump is recommended for continuous feed application. Always feed MCT 501 proportional to water flow for best results. An initial starting dosage of approximately 3-5 gallons of MCT 501 per million gallons of system water is recommended.

Product Data:

Form Liquid
Product pH 4.1-4.5
Specific Gravity 1.35-1.38
Weight/Gallon 1.3-1.5
Product Type Ortho/polyphosphate
Freeze Point 22°F


Chemical resistant gloves and chemical splash goggles should be worn when handling MCT 501. Avoid excessive contact with skin or eyes. If eyes are affected, flush with water and get medical attention.

Available Packaging:

5 gallon pail 56 lbs.
15 gallon drum 169 lbs.
30 gallon drum 338 lbs.
55 gallon drum 619 lbs.

Test Procedures

Typical dosage residuals range from 0.5-3 ppm phosphate by the orthophosphate test procedure. Increase or decrease dosage depending on severity of system conditions. Test kit code 3114-01 for orthophosphate is recommended.

Test kit 3114-01 recommended

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.