MCT 4115 Potable System Stabilization

Mid South’s MCT 4115 potable and process treatment is a specially engineered blend of select phosphates designed to utilize the most effective stabilization qualities of each. This product is primarily used in controlling calcium and magnesium deposits, preventing the solubilization of lead and copper in potable water supplies and controlling corrosion in system piping.

MCT 4115 is composed of ingredients that are accepted by the National Sanitation Foundation ( NSF ) for use in potable water supplies. MCT 4115 is approved for maximum use to 34 ppm in the system.


  • Lead and Copper Control
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Prevents Colored Water
  • Safe, Non-toxic
  • Deposit Control
  • Reduces System Flushing

Directions for Use:

MCT 4115 is a liquid product and should be fed to the system proportional to water flow. Typical dosages on MCT 4115 range from 1 – 5 ppm, by test, for orthophosphates in the system water. An initial starting dosage of approximately 6 – 8 gallons of MCT 4115 per million gallons of system water is recommended. Increase or decrease dosage depending on severity of system conditions. Test kit code 3114 for orthophosphate is recommended.

Product Data:

Form Liquid
Product type Ortho/polyphosphate
Specific Gravity 1.31
Product pH 5.7 to 6.0
Weight/Gallon 10.38
Freeze Point 20°F

Limitations and Handling:

Avoid excessive contact with skin or eyes. If eyes are affected, flush with plenty of water lifting upper and lower lids to assure good irrigation of eye area. Contact physician.

Product Storage:

Keep product from freezing. Keep away from children. Keep container closed when not in use.

Available Packaging:

5 gallon pail 55 lbs.
15 gallon drum 164 lbs.
30 gallon drum 328 lbs.
55 gallon drum 601 lbs.

Test kit 3114-01 recommended

Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.