Sequestering Agents

Polyphosphatess are sequestering agents that remove “red water” from source supplies as well as stabilize iron, manganese, and calcium in potable water systems. Polyphosphates are multipurpose in application as they stabilize water systems to minimize or prevent scale and iron deposits in system piping where pre-existing deposits occur. Polyphosphates act to slowly remove these restrictions and help restore hydrolic efficiency to the system. Stains and discolorations from corrosion products are equally removed along with improving the aesthetics of the systems.


MCT 4120 MCT 506 MCT 506A MCT506C
Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Specific gravity 1.36±0.5% 1.42±0.5% 1.57±.05% 1.74±0.5%
pH (neat) >5.2 >11.0 >11.0 >11.2
Freeze point <15°F <24°F <22°F <20°F
Bulk Density 11.3lbs/gallon 11.8lbs/gallon 13.1lbs/gallon 14.3lbs/gallon
NSF max. feed rate 34mg/L 24mg/L 27mg/L 23mg/L
Certified – Non – Food Logo

Note: All Mid South polyphosphate blends are
certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60

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