Zinc-Orthophosphate Blends

Corrosion Inhibitor Products

Zinc-orthophosphate is an excellent corrosion inhibitor to eliminate or minimize red water problems associated with the corrosion of iron. Zinc-orthophosphates work differently from polyphosphates in that they are not sequestering type inhibitors. Instead, it produces a microscopic film on metal surfaces that acts as a barrier to corrosive environments that would normally cause corrosion. As a result, undesirable corrosion products such as iron, lead, and copper are not produced and system protection is enhanced. Zinc-orthophosphate is also beneficial in suppressing the release of asbestos fibers from AC piping. It plays a valuable role in potable systems to minimize the release of lead and copper from system piping and help municipal systems meet regulatory requirements.

Mid South Treated

Treated with Mid South zinc-orthophosphate.

Competitor Treated

Treated with competitor’s non-zinc orthophosphate.

Mid South’s zinc-orthophosphate product selection:

MCT 5091 MCT 5071 MCT 5072 MCT 5075 MCT 5096 MCT 5097 MCT 5098
Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Phosphate/ zinc ratio 1:1 3:1 3:1 5:1 3:1 5:1 10:1
Product type Sulfate Chloride Chloride Chloride Sulfate Chloride Chloride
Specific gravity 1.265 1.565 1.3 1.635 1.41 1.41 1.31
pH (neat) 1.29 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0
Weight/gallon 10.51 13.10 10.84 13.64 11.76 11.80 10.92
Freeze point <16°F -20°F -50°F -15°F 3°F -12°F 3°F
Totalphosphate(±0.5%) 7.5 36.0 22.5 50.0 24.0 32.5 36.0
NSF max. feed rate 20 mg/L 24.5 mg/L 40.4 mg/L 20 mg/L 25 mg/L 29.6 mg/L 27 mg/L

Note: All Mid South Chemical zinc-orthophosphates are
certified to ANSI/NSF standard 60

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