Open Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Selection Guide

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Multipurpose Inhibitors — Scale and Corrosion

MCT 5610LM Organic Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor. Provides Yellow Metal Protection and Deposit Control. Contains no zinc or other heavy metal components.

MCT 5611-HM High Stress Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor. Phosphate Stabilizer. Offers Yellow Metal Protection. Cleans Heat Transfer Surfaces, allowing for efficient system operation.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Mid South Chemical has an extensive line of Corrosion Inhibitors specifically developed for many types of cooling and once-through water systems. Our corrosion inhibitor products help control the “unwanted” problems associated with corrosive environments that often develop within Industrial and Municipal systems.

CorrBlend — All organic program
CorrBlend 2 — Extended Range with Scale Protection
CorrBlend Plus — Corrosion Inhibitor/System Stabilization
CorrBlend 4 — A unique combination of proven corrosion inhibitors that are formulated with a system stabilizing polymer to maintain good corrosion protection.
CorrBlend 6 — is “highlighted” as an outstanding product for general applications when a corrosion inhibitor is needed.

Industrial Cooling Tower

Scale Inhibitors

Mid South Chemical formulates a variety of Scale Inhibitors for Open Cooling Water Systems. Our Scale Control products provide cleaner, more efficient industrial systems by providing excellent deposit control, yellow metal protection, and improved heat transfer.

MCT 5609 Excellent scale control inhibitor for calcium carbonate. Provides yellow metal protection.

MCT 5617 Heavy duty scale inhibitor for calcium carbonate, and provides yellow metal protection. Provides Halogen Stability and includes Crystal Modifying Agents.


Additional Scale Inhibitors Available:

ScaleTrol – Scale control inhibitor with high dispersant capacity for cooling, oil field and waste remediation systems.

Maxisperse — Multi-metal contaminant control. Controls suspended solids such as mud, dirt, and silt. Keeps system clean and efficient.

SuperQuest — High capacity Scale Inhibitor for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other metal contaminants. Provides halogen stability.


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