Open Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Scale Inhibitors

MCT 5609 — Scale Control Inhibitor

MCT 5609 is a multipurpose corrosion/scale inhibitor product that is designed for use in medium and small industrial cooling water and heavy-duty air condition cooling systems.

Lime ScaleMCT 5609 will effectively control and prevent scale and corrosion in heat exchange equipment thereby keeping heat transfer surfaces clean and efficient in operation. Also, the product contains effective polymeric antifoulants and stabilizers to help remove troublesome foulants such as metallic oxides, silt, and dead microbiological growths.

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Scale Control
  • Yellow Metal Inhibitor
  • Phosphate Stabilizer
  • Antifoulant

MCT 5617 — High Stress Cooling Tower Formula

MCT 5617 is an aqueous solution of blended organic scale inhibitors that is designed to control the deposition of polyvalent metal ions in industrial and waste water systems.

MCT 5617 controls calcium, iron, manganese, and other metal salts to prevent precipitation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces. It also exhibits superior stability where oxidizing microbiological agents such as chlorine and bromine are used. The synergistic activity produced by MCT 5617 provides scale control where high scale potential and stress conditions exist.

  • Prevents Metal Scale Deposits
  • Sequestration Plus Chelation
  • On-steam Defouling
  • Effective at Low Dosages
  • Works in Acid and Alkaline Environments
  • Yellow Metal Protection

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