Maxiquest 9200 – Aqueous solution of aminotris (methylenephosphonic acid), [ATMP], 50%

Maxiquest 9300 – Aqueous solution of 1 – hydroxyethlyidene 1, 1 – diphosphonic acid [HEDP], 60%

Maxiquest 9100 – Aqueous solution of 2 – phosphonobutane – 1,2,4 – tricarboxylic acid [PBTC], 50%
Maxiquest 9200 is widely used as a scale and corrosion inhibitor in treating cooling and boiler water systems. Many water treatment chemical formulations contain ATMP as an important ingredient due to following


  • Multifunctional performance from a single raw material
  • Superior cost/performance in scale inhibition
  • Synergistic performance from formulated mixtures

Maxiquest 9300 is employed as a scale control agent for cooling water treatment. It can improve corrosion control, or inhibit iron fouling and assist dispersion of solids.

Applications Include:

  • Scale and corrosion control in cooling water and oilfield water
  • Scale control in evaporative desalination and reverse osmosis
  • Sludge modification in boiler water
  • Surface treatment for dairy, metal finishing and industrial operations
  • Regeneration and cleaning of ion exchange resins

Maxiquest 9100 is a multifunctional molecule offering combination properties of polyphosphates and aminocarboxylate sequestering agent. It has excellent thermal hydrolytic stability compared to polyphosphates.

Applications Include:

  • Cooling/boiler water treatment
  • Oil drilling field water treatment
  • Sea water evaporators
  • Membrane antiscalants
  • Cleaning formulations

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