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Open Cooling Tower Scale Inhibitors

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Selection Guide


MCT 5609Scale Inhibitors 1

A multipurpose corrosion/scale inhibitor product that is designed for use in medium and small industrial cooling water and heavy-duty air condition cooling systems. MCT 5609 will effectively control and prevent scale and corrosion in heat exchange equipment, thereby keeping heat transfer surfaces clean and efficient in operation. Excellent scale control for calcium carbonate, and provides yellow metal protection.

MCT 5617

A heavy duty scale inhibitor for calcium carbonate, which includes yellow metal protection and crystal modifying agents with phosphonates. MCT 5617 is an aqueous solution of blended organic scale inhibitors that is designed to control the deposition of polyvalent metal ions in industrial and waste water systems. It offers halogen stability and controls calcium, iron, manganese, and other metal salts to prevent precipitation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces.


An industrial inhibitor designed to prevent the formation of water born scales in applications such as cooling, oil field and waste remediation systems.  ScaleTrol is composed of organic inhibitor components that increase the solubility of inorganic salts.  The chemical activity of ScaleTrol effectively inhibits calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other scale and deposit forming contaminants.  Surfaces are maintained clean as the dispersancy activity prevents precipitating crystals and other inorganic particles from agglomerating and depositing on surfaces.


A high capacity scale and deposit control inhibitor for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and other metal contaminants. The multi-functional nature of SuperQuest incorporates crystal modifying agents and a threshold inhibitor that effectively increases the solubility of inorganic salts. SuperQuest also incorporates yellow metal protection and exhibits superior stability where oxidizing microbiological agents such as chlorine and bromine are used, along with providing halogen stability.

Scale Inhibitors 2


Dispersant/scale inhibitor for systems with heavy microbiological or silt contamination. Multi-metal contaminate control. Also, an excellent antifoulant and sequestrant that inhibits the deposition of fouling material on heat exchange surfaces, keeping the system clean and efficient.

MaxiQuest 9300

High sequestration capacity inhibitor for scale control and soluble iron stabilization in make-up water supplies. Also disperses insoluble iron. MaxiQuest is composed of ingredients that prevent the formation of inorganic scales by effectively increasing the solubility of inorganic salts and chemicals interfering with crystal formation, which reduces the potential for adhesion to equipment surfaces.

Silica Control Open Tower Scale Inhibitors

SiliTrol is a concentrated multifunctional silica and hardness scale control product that is designed for use in industrial cooling water systems. The multipolymer used in SiliTrol is the latest technology in silica scale control, and in combination with threshold sequestering inhibitors, provides system protection where a broad range of contaminants occur, including silica. SiliTrol’s functional activities include the ability to prevent deposits by dispersing inorganic and sediment residues. Yellow metal protection is also incorporated into this high performance inhibitor package.

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