Steamline Treatments

AminessmNeutralizing Corrosion Inhibitors

Neutralizing Amines are added to steam systems to neutralize carbonic acid and raise the pH of the condensate. They are added in direct proportion to the amount of carbon dioxide in the steam. Excess amounts of neutralizing amines may be required to raise the condensate pH to the desired pH control range. Typically, a condensate pH of 7.4 – 9.0 provides effective protection in most systems.

Filming Corrosion Inhibitors

A filming amine program does not neutralize CO2 as does neutralizing amines. Filming amines form a very thin, non-wettable film on all surfaces in contact with the condensate. The film acts as a barrier between the metal surface and the corrosive condensate. Filming amines protect condensate equipment and piping against oxygen, ammonium and carbonic acid attacks. They should be used if there is air leakage, high alkalinity feedwater or where CO2 content in stern is very high. The best PH range for filming amines in the condensate is ideally 7.5 – 8.0, although higher pH’s can be maintained.


Amines LG 4Intermediate Amines Corrosion Inhibitors


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