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Cleaners 1Acid Cleaner Products

MIC 750 is a Ready to Use Solution (RTU) that descales condensers, heat exchangers, boilers, steam generators, and entire cooling tower systems.

MIC 751 is a Ready to Use Solution (RTU) that provides highly effective removal of metal oxides form surfaces of boilers, heat exchangers, and other industrial system components.

Alkaline Flush TreatmentsCleaners 2

MIC 8352 is a Liquid Alkaline Boil-Out and Cleaner that is designed to be used in industrial or commercial equipment to remove oil residues, mill scale, grease, dirt and many other contaminants that are harmful to new equipment. Proper cleaning of new and existing systems is essential to maintain system efficiency and good operating conditions. MIC 8352 is a precise blend of alkaline cleaners, emulsifiers, and wetting agents designed to clean a variety of heat exchange and process equipment.

Typical systems cleaned with MIC 8352:

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Hot Water Systems

Neutral pH Rust Remover

Mid South NPRR is a liquid formulation designed to effectively dissolve and remove rust deposits from metal surfaces while passivating and protecting the base metal from corrosion. It is particularly valuable for removal of iron oxides and rust deposits in closed systems such as process boilers, heat exchangers, holding tanks and pipelines. Also rusted components can be descaled by immersion in an aqueous solution of Mid South NPRR. In many instances, it eliminates the need to use harsh acids or alkalies to remove these deposits and is a much safer alternative.

NPRR Before and After
Non Hazardous
Minimally corrosive
Safe on steel, copper, brass, aluminum, cast iron, plastics
Usage Temperature is 34º-180º F
Passivates metal surface
Neutral pH functionality

Additional Cleaner Products Available:

  • MIC 754 — Liquid Sulfamic Acid Cleaner
  • Iron Out III — Multi Purpose Cleaner


Please contact a Mid South Representative for additional product information and pricing.